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What Musicians Need to Know

morgeezartist | March 22, 2023
what musicians need to know from music agency

This section of the Morgeez website focus mainly on artists or musicians seeking the services of a competent artist booking agency or artist manager services. While we are interested in recruiting or admitting as many talented musicians as possible into the Morgeez Music Agency roster; there are few important pieces of information that the artist needs to know about.

Although some of these information are basic music industry knowledge most musicians ought to have heard of alrteady, others are basically hidden from the upcomomg or relatively experienced musicians altogether.

What’s Your Aim of Seeking a Music Agency as a Musician?

If you are a musician and you are still at that stage where you are hunting for capable or competent music agency who may admit you in for representation, then, here some few questions that you need to provide an honest answer to yourself for.

Moving on, I am writing this article with the perception that you already have your aim of seeking a music agency pened out. This means, you know what a music agency does and you know what you want from such agency. Except, you may just book a music consulting session for you to have detailed clarity on the functioning of a music agency.

Your answer to the below questions will help you in resolving any challenging questions that a potential agency might have for you. So without further ado, lets get to it. Quickly, please don’t forget to leave your comments below and follow us on all Socials.

  • Do I have a Viable or Presentable Music Catalogue?

As a musician, you already know by now that your music is the only reason why you are been regarded as a musician in the first place. Most importantly, you are contacting a music agency for no other reason than that of your music.

  • Do I haveĀ  Music Videos?

This is one of the most important component of the career of the music artist. Your music videos are the original or let me say, visual CV that displays your talent and creativity as you alone approved of. Hence packing up your music videos together properly to showcase your talent to a music agency is highly recommended.

You may seek advise from here on how to get your music videos produced or updated to suit agency and other usage purposes.

  • Do I have performamce show reels?

Okay, lets cut the B.S. and honestly ask ourselves the most serious question as musicians. Who will, for business sense, book you for any gig as a musician, if you do not have appealing performance videos showcasing your live performance skills?

I personally take this aspect very serious, because, if yoiu are that type of musician that cares about bookings for performances. This key element is totally unskippable.Hence you must have these videos handy or see advise here.

  • Do I have a credible Press Kit?

Quite frankly, a music agency is unable to operate on your behalf, without a formidable press kit. As you can see, the Morgeez Music Agency portal is a professionally packaged online press kit that has the ability of showcasing you to the entire world for booking opportunities.

Having mentioned all of that, you must keep in mind that Morgeez Production is able to assist you in creating all materials required by the music agency. Apparently, we all know that some artists are really serious with their careers, and if you are that type of serious artist, I just hope that this article has been able to provide some insight that can be helpful to your quest for seeking a music agency.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further info and leave your questions below.

Written by morgeezartist


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