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What are Screen Tests for Talents?

morgeez | August 5, 2022
on camera screen test for talents

Lets put it simply. Screen tests are process of evaluating a talent performance on camera by an experienced casting director, or creative director.

Why is Screen Test Important?

This process is highly valued at Morgeez Artists management and talent agency. When we receive applications or indication of interest from talents who wants to join the agency, the first thing that comes to mind is how talented and capable they are.

The is where screen-test idea is born. This process allows us to put a talent to action even before been recruited into the agency. One has to be sure what kind of talent and level of performance skills they posses. Hence screen testing talents is a paramount duty at Morgeez Talent Management.

Importance Of Screen Test

We love talent development. We love to assist you to find your real talent.The importance of our screen test exercise is driven by our desire to have talents developed in other for them to reach their full potential.

Through the screen test, the results will help us suggest appropriate measures needed to be taken in other to enhance a talent overall performance ability and or setup a general developmental program for such talent.

How are Our Screen Test Carried Out?

First of all, screen test is a premium talent development service uniquely offered by Morgeez Talent Talent Agency. The exercise requires talents to purchase the service in other to confirm bookings and arrangements.

Once your order is confirmed, we then proceed to have a zoom call where we discuss your special needs and then, schedule the screen test date and times. Purchase Now

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