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Frontline Album | Official Tracks Review

morgeezartist | February 14, 2023
rapdon official cover art

The Frontline album is regarded as a classic HipHop/Rap album because of the richness of its lyrical content craftily put together by Rapdon to nurture, teach and enhance your music listen pleasure while learning one or two things in life.

In other to simulate a more understanding of what the tracks in the album are all about and why its highly regarded, here’s a quick review of each of the tracks:

  1. Jozi:

    Jozi or simply called “Jozi Love” is a song throwing more highlight on the city life of Johannesburg. The fast cars, the Girls and Boys running the streets of Johannesburg. It’s a total elevation to the reality of Africa’s most upmarket city, Johannesburg.

  2. See You There:

    This is a motivational classic story love handcrafted by Rapdon. In a scenario of young soldier leaving his newly wedded wife and young twins of a boy and a girl of about 6months old (babies) to the warfront as a point of official military duty call. Rapdon sends a letter to his family to be patient and that he will soon return from the warfare, and they will celebrate together again. This is a very touching story of love that you cannot afford to miss. Take a listen and get the track for yourselves and families.

  3. Money Makes the World:

    Money makes the world go round. Simple as the title suggests. this is another masterpiece song writeup with utmost best of vocal delivery techniques. No denying the power of money and Rapdon demonstrates the unavoidable influence of money in our lives as humans through the lyrics of this song.

  4. Let’s Ride:

    Let’s Ride is the answer to fun moments where hardworking friends leaves behind any causes for boredom. In this melodious rap rendition, Rapdon aka Stovaz has asked his girl and girlfriends for a ride to places where he knows they can have fun. Another masterpiece of creative rap infusing melodic RnB style vocal delivery to play with poetic rap to form beautiful piece of music.

    The Single which video was shot in 2013 was never promoted then, is now just dropped on Rapdon’s YouTube Channel.

  5. Mama Don’t Cry:

    Mama Don’t Cry is a special dedication to all the great women in the world. Rapdon took the time and effort to show his mother the deepest love with promise of a better life. He painted the pictures of how he was raised by his single Mother but with utmost respect and love for his Father whom he still misses till today after he passed whiles he (Rapdon) was just 12 years old. The track shed more lights on the value our parents possess and teaches us how to love and care for them.

  6. Pretty Woman:

    Once in the lives of all men, there’s a pretty woman. Pretty woman is that woman that fulfils your dreams of love and ignite the fire in you.

  7. The title track, Frontline:

    Frontline is a strong lyrical worded poem but very conscious track. Rapdon perceived the world as a battlefield and everyone living in it are soldiers in the Frontline. Track painted the pictures of every born black man as a military man that has to take the bulls by the horns in other to survive the economic harsh reality that they face. The track has 2 versions which includes the main track, called Frontline – Soldiers Groove Mix and the Bonus Track called, Frontline – Voice of Reason Mix. All available at the Morgeez Music Store for streaming and download purchase.

  8. Overcome:

    Overcome is a great word of encouragement and motivation from the rap maestro himself. Rapdon has taken his time to encourage everyone in any kind of situation, to hold strong, as there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The track takes us on a ride on how we should be firm in times of adversity and deal with such issues with prayers and resilience. And surely, we will overcome.

  9. No Reason to Lie:

    No reason to lie explain the hearts of tru love and affection. In this honest and emotional piece, Stovaz has made the vows that he is keeping with the love of his life forever. Here’s a sense of pure commitment to love that everybody should emulate.

  10. Wanna Know:

    Wanna Know is one of those tracks that cuts deep down your emotional spine. In this track, Rapdon spoke to the core of most young people whom their father wasn’t there in their lives growing up. Although not in a bad way, cuz his Dad passed away when he was just 12, the pains of losing a father or someone you love so much has driven Rapdon to a tearful lyrical content which is this Song.

  11. Lost Love:

    Lost Love is an emotionally charged song recapping and dealing with the issues of mistrust, betrayal and the pains that comes with heartbreaks. This is a blockbuster love story that touches.

Written by morgeezartist


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