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South Africa [Nigerian]
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Rapdon is a singer, rapper, music producer and songwriter with great talent in writing rap lyrics, poetry, RnB, and pop music. RapDon was born in a rural village called Egiegi, near the oil-city of Warri in Delta State of Nigeria.

Background of Rapdon:

Rapdon, who’s real names are Christopher Odiley started composing music at the tender age of 10 in his Elementary School years. That was how far back RapDon’s talent for music has developed. At that tender age, RapDon will perform at local events and school functions as one would expect. He was the leader of the primary school poetry and debate team that competed and won so many local school competitions. then.

College Performances:

Cut the chase, Rapdon took his music to the next level when he formed the Group the “WindStars” and changed his name to Dillie Stovaz in the late 80s while he was in his finals in High School. Even back at High School Rapdon would be the music student who always leads the school to sing and rap music competitions. Scooping multiple awards and recognition in all activities including poetry, debates, singing, rap, and dance competitions.

The First Album Story:

Fast-forward, Rapdon recorded and released his first and debut album titled, “Let’s Pray” in the year 2000. The album launched in the fall of that year in Warri after being first released in Lagos, Nigeria to a nationwide warm reception that saw Rapdon embarking on a highly successful media tour of the major national radio stations and tv broadcast channels in Nigeria.

The track “Money Makes the World” debut at Number 1 in all radio stations and the video quickly shot to the top spot-on all-time hip hop music videos in the country. Ever since then, music has been the major part of Rapdon’s life. And this motivated Rapdon to move to South Africa in the early 2000s to pursue his musical success ambition further. Where he has been involved in the business of music from setting up his studios, producing for smaller independent artists, and mentoring other young artists as well.

Second Album:

In 2012, Rap Don recorded the well packaged rap album called Frontline which contained hit tracks like “Frontline” widely accepted with greater followership among youth within the age of 17 to 25 in countries like the USA, Canada, Uk, and in major Africa countries like South Africa and Nigeria. As proof of his talent and authenticity, Rapdon, kept on pushing his music career even though radio stations and tv houses in South Africa, were skeptical about a dope rap album like “Frontline” at the time.

Awards and Recognitions:

Rapdon has neither shown interest in any kind of awards nor even strive for any form of recognitions. When asked why? He replied: “most of the greatest musicians were great because of the greatness in their works and not because of how many awards or recognitions they were awarded”.

Music Industry Contributions:

Determined to make an impact in the music industry, Rapdon has been the forefront of developing younger talent and pushing the music industry further to accommodate, more independent artists and in-fact creating a business module through which indie artists can excel in the music business. This he is doing through his platforms such as:

  1. The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale: a music competition that applies talent development module to enhance the musical skills of young rappers in South Africa.
  2. The Media Skills Mentoring Program: aimed at developing young and passionate talents who wishes to acquire or develop their music production skills, and other audio and video production skills. In other to be fully prepared for the workplace.
  3. Rapdon had setup the Odiley Music and Business Academy that was dedicated to offering national qualification training in South Technology and the performing arts. Although the college couldn’t last more than 3years due to inability of students to afford tuition fees. But it was one of the biggest community developments moves Rapdon had earlier created.
  4. Artists Management: Rapdon believes that young artists needs proper management just like in the athletic world. Hence the formation of the Morgeez Artists Management division. That sees the representation of voiceover artists, young actors, young music artist and others with serious mentoring workshops organized to coach them as well. Whiles nominating for industry opportunities in media and advertising industries as well.

Overview of Rapdon Background:

  • Date of Birth: July 17, 1970
  • Place of Birth: Egiegi, Udu LGA, Delta State Nigeria
  • Family: Father of 5. But not willing to share more than that to respect my Family.
  • Residence: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Talent Path: Songwriter, Music Producer, Singer, Rapper, Actor
  • Entrepreneur: Founder and Owner of Mor’geez Records, Odiley Music and Business Academy, (A National Qualification FET College, although closed for now, but to be revived soon) Stovaz Playfield (A clothing label, though out for now but to be revived soon.)


Although there’s so much to pen down as part of the biography of Rapdon, but we can just leave it here for now. If you are reading this for the first time, we believe you had learned something about this African child with massive body of talent always willing to contribute to the greatness of humanity, the Black Race, and the African continent in particular.

We will be back with more update, but before then, please follow Rapdon on all socials. Most importantly, BUY his music.

Thank you for reading. Love!



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