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Frederico Ancillai

Johannesburg [Italian]
frederico ancillai actor at morgeez talent agency


Born and raised in Italy, Frederico Ancillai is a talented model with so much accomplishment as an actor. Having trained in various institutions in Italy and London, the actor can be proud of his industry knowledge and acting experience that has taken him across various countries in Europe and spanning well over a decade of experience.

Now based in South Africa, Frederico Ancillai is well poised to demonstrate within the South African Film industry that his experience will surely count when it comes to taking the lead roles off the scripts..

Elementary School and
Junior High School grade 1-8 ( School)
San Francis International School Rome
Commercial High School Diploma

2015 – Stage Jean Paul Denizon The body between training and performance
2014-2015 Professional Diction and Acting Courses with Antonio Prisco
2010-2014 Duse International School by Francesca De Sapio – Stanislavsky – Strasberg Method
2010 – Stage di Bernard Hiller (“FIND YOUR AUTHENTICITY”)
2010 – LAMDA The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
(Short Course Certificates)

Awards & Nomination
2021 Winner Best Actor for Burning Red – Art Film Awards- Skopje (Macedonia)
2021 Nominee Best Actor for Burning Red – Best Male Actor Award -London
2021 Nominee M-obster Individual Performance for Burning Red – MCL Awards
Green Bay (Usa)
2021 BUTCHER SHOP Director Nqobile Khumalo(Movie)
2019-2020 BROKEN GLASS Director Nqobile Khumalo (Docu-film)
2019 – ETERNAL OBLIVION – Director Fabrizio Ancillai e Claudia De Falco (Shortfilm)
2018- BURNING RED – Director Fabrizio Ancillai (Shortfilm)
2018 – A.N.I.M.A. – Director Pino Ammendola e Rosario Montesanti(Movie)
2017- IL PECCATO – Director Andrey Konchalovskiy(Movie)
2017 -LEONARDO – Director Gianluca Fumagalli (Docu-film)
2017 – WONDERWELL – Director Vlad Marsavin(Movie)
2015 – VELENI – Director Nadia Baldi(Movie)
2014 – I NOSTRI RAGAZZI – Director Ivano Di Matteo(Movie)
2013 – COME IL VENTO – Director Marian Simon Puccioni(Movie

2018-2019 KINGDOMS OF FIRE Director Peter Webber (Tv Series)
2016 – SALUTI E BACI DA MAMMA E PAPA’ – Director Massimo Ferrari (Tv Series)
2016 – UN PASSO DAL CIELO 4 – Director Jan Maria Michelini (Tv Series)
2016 – IL CORAGGIO DI VINCERE – Director Marco Pontecorvo (Tv Series)
2016 – ALTA INFEDELTA’ – Director Jovica Nonkovic (Tv Series)
2015 – RIMBOCCHIAMOCI LE MANICHE – Director Stefano Reali(Tv Series)
2014 – TUT – Director David Von Ancken(Tv Series)
2014 – PRESTO FARA GIORNO – Regia Giuseppe Ferlito(Tv Series)
2013 – FURORE – Director Alessio Inturri(Tv Series)
2013 – IL PECCATO E LA VERGOGNA II Director Alessio Inturri(Tv Series)
2012 – PUPETTA IL CORAGGIO E LA PASSIONE Director Luciano Odorisio(Tv Series)
2012 – NE CON TE NE SENZA DI TE – Director Vincenzo Terracciano(Tv Series)

2019 L’UOMO DEI SOGNI Director Saverio Di Giorgio
2019 NON SIAMO ATTORI IN CRISI Director Adelmo Togliani
2015 L’AMICO RITROVATO Director Jovica Nonkovic
2014 ANIMALI NOTTURNI Director Fabio Mureddu
2014 GLI UOMINI, LE BESTIE E LE VIRTU’ Director Saverio Di Giorgio
2013 PIETRE DI CARTA Director Saverio Di Giorgio
2013 NON SIAMO ATTORI IN CRISI Director Adelmo Togliani
2012-13 POLVERE Director Saverio Di Giorgio
2012 – SENZA MALIZIA Director a Fabio Mureddu



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